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Monday, 21 April 2008 13:19
Boeing 757-200

Air Company Khors is again aiming to prove its desire to reach new heights with its ever expanding fleet of aircraft all complying with international flight safety standards.

In September Khors received its 1st Boeing 757 with 204 passenger seats and 2 MD 82 with 165 passenger seats. All the aircraft were purchased from Boeing, being the parent manufacturer of both these aircraft, and a company with which they have had dealings for the past 10 years.

MD 80 aircraft are already being operated by Khors, and during the past 10 years of operation were able to recommend themselves as reliable middle range passenger airplanes, not only from the commercial side but also by its performance. All Khors’ aircraft are fully equipped with the latest technology and comply with all requirements for international flights.

The MD 82, as all aircraft in the MD80 range, was built for short runways, has increased construction strength, and built-in passenger and service stairs, which is essential when flying to airports not equipped with jetway.

Operators of Boeing say that those aircraft are made for the comfort of the flight.

Considering flight economy, B-757-200 was developed particularly for the purposes mentioned by operators. Since the launch of 757 thirteen years ago, 890 aircraft of varied configuration have been sold. The aircraft is equipped with digital avionics set EFIS by US manufacturer “Rockwell Collins” with six colour multifunctional displays. The same equipment as used on Boeing 767’s. Another important criterion is noise level, of which this aircraft is compliant in accordance with ICAO, Chapter 3.

Khors’ aircraft are expected to arrive in middle of September this year. Nice surprise for the passengers is that interior of newly purchased aircraft would be fully refurbished, to provide increased passenger comfort.

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