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Air Company Khors have their own approved maintenance organization (AMO) with the head office in Kiev and few maintenance bases inside and outside of Ukraine. From the beginning this AMO was created to maintain aircraft just from it's own fleet, and now we can kindly offer to you any services within our approved capability.


Models Types of Maintenance Services
DC9-51, MD82, MD83 Line Maintenance (PFC/PFI, Daily and Service Checks, including A-Checks), Mechanical/Structural Inspection, STC and AD/SB accomplishment.

Khors AMO is ready to offer complete aircraft line maintenance and support including 'A'-checks for DC9-51 and MD-80 series aircraft's as well as  modifications, special and unscheduled tasks accomplishment.  We can provide full engineering services including, but not limited to, computerized follow up on your aircraft. Khors has it's own wheel shop to support your needs for wheels during your operation on DC9-51 and MD-80 series aircraft.   As a benefit, we can offer Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) support for your fleet, including Quick Access Recorders (QAR) installation service as a complete offer.  

Our approval certificate is approved by State Aviation Administration of Ukraine with reference number BP0084.

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